QQI/PHECC Learner Handbook


Learning Agreement 2

Introduction to Qualtec. 3

Our values. 3

Mission Statement 3

Breaches of Discipline. 4

Academic Misconduct 4

Recognition of Prior Learning Policy & Procedure. 5

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Appeals Policy & Procedure. 6

Appeals Policy. 6

Appeals Procedure. 6

Complaints Policy & Procedure. 7

Complaints Policy. 7

Complaints Procedure. 7

Thank you for reserving a place on a Qualtec course. I hope you enjoy it and that it meets your expectations. Qualtec are a QQI and PHECC Quality Assured Provider and to this end have implemented a Quality Assurance System. The sections relevant to you as a learner are outlined or referenced it this handbook. It is important that you read and comply with its arrangements.

By booking on the course you are accepting the following Learning Agreement.

Learning Agreement

We promise to:

Accept you on courses in accordance with our Admissions Policy & Procedures and subject to you meeting the course prerequisites set out the course outline.

Notify you at the earliest opportunity of any re-scheduling, postponement or cancellation of classes. We will provide a suitable alternative within 5 working days or a refund.

Protect your personal Data and inform you of information retained on request and allow you request changes to in accordance with our GDPR Policy & Procedure.

Treat learners equally, fairly and with dignity and respect and recognise diversity in accordance with our Equality, Diversity Procedure.

Provide a safe learning environment in accordance with the Health & Safety Policy and Procedure.

Start courses and finish courses on time. We will inform you as early as possible on any schedule changes.

Deliver courses to the highest standard possible by competent trainers. If you are not satisfied you can complain in accordance with our Complaints Policy & Procedure.

Provide you with course notes and resources so that you can complete the course successfully.

Assess you fairly in accordance with our Assessment Policy and Procedure.

Allow you to appeal if you are not satisfied with your result in accordance with our Appeals Policy & Procedure.

As learners we expect that you:

Attend all training sessions punctually unless agreed otherwise with the trainer.

Treat learners equally, fairly and with dignity and respect and recognise diversity.

Treat equipment and buildings with care.

Contribute and participate constructively in the training sessions.

Submit any assignments and complete and course work within the deadline unless agreed otherwise with the trainer.

Ensure that any assignments and course work are your own and confirm this on your assignment.

Comply with the course Examination rules.

Abide by any fair disciplinary actions set by the trainer and/or Qualtec.

Pay for the course in full within the credit terms.




Introduction to Qualtec

Qualtec specialises in the delivery of Instructor Courses including Manual Handing, Patient Handling, First Aid, Cardiac First Responder (CFR), Abrasive Wheels and Fire Safety. It was established in 1993 by Sean Kelleher.  Originally, Qualtec was involved in consultancy, specialising in the implementation of Quality Management Systems into companies. We have assisted hundreds of companies in Ireland, UK and USA to achieve ISO 9000 accreditation.

From the year 2000, Qualtec began to specialise in the training of Instructors. Since then, we have trained over 5,000 people as Instructors. Qualtec began delivering the Manual Handling Instructor programme and then progressed onto delivering the Patient Handling Instructor Course. We were one of the first companies to become approved by FETAC/QQI in 2008 to deliver the Level 6 Manual Handling and People Moving Instructor programmes. We are also approved to deliver the Level 6 Training Delivery & Evaluation course.

In 2011 Qualtec became a Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Council (PHECC) Recognised Centre and began delivering the CFR Instructor programme. In 2017 Qualtec was one of the first companies approved to deliver the new First Aid Responder Instructor courses and have assisted over 150 trainers progress from being Quality and Qualifications Ireland (QQI) Level 6 Ordinary First Aid (OFA) Instructors to becoming FAR Instructors.

Qualtec also delivers the Abrasive Wheels, Working at Heights and Fire Safety/ Fire Marshall Instructor programmes.

Our values

Our values are Integrity and Professionality. We aim to achieve this by ensuring that we advise learners honestly and professionally in how they can progress as trainers and instructors.

Mission Statement

Qualtec’s goal is to become regarded as the premier provider of accredited Instructor Training courses. These include courses leading to both PHECC and QQI Awards.

Our mission is to ensure that our learners leave our courses being both confident and competent in the skills that we have trained them in.

We see our relationship with our customers as a partnership and we want them to become successful in their roles.

We endeavour to achieve this mission through the delivery of our courses in a fun and focussed and inclusive manner.

We endeavour to deliver our programmes using the latest best practise, technology and innovation whilst meeting our Awards Bodies’ learning outcomes.

Qualtec is committed to encouraging and enabling adults to achieve their learning goals through quality training with appropriate support, thus promoting equal opportunities and widening participation.

Breaches of Discipline

Any act or omission, which affects adversely the rights of any learner/staff member or which disrupts the orderly and responsible conduct of any company activity, or which violates the Learner Agreement or incidents of misconduct, shall constitute a breach of discipline. Disciplinary action may result in a suspension for a fixed period or permanent expulsion from the course. Gross misconduct will result in immediate expulsion from the course. Gross misconduct could include physical or verbal abuse of another learner or trainer or academic misconduct.

Academic Misconduct

The following are a non-exhaustive list of Academic Misconduct:

  • Plagiarism
  • Misrepresentation
  • Bribery
  • Falsification
  • Impersonation

Penalties for Academic Misconduct include:

Loss of marks in the assessment, or part of the assessment, in which the offence was committed.

Ineligibility for an award during the year of the breach.

Suspension of the candidate, from all activities of the institution, for a fixed period of time.

Expulsion for the course.



Recognition of Prior Learning Policy & Procedure


It is the policy of Qualtec to provide Recognition of Prior Learning to learners (RPL). Qualtec recognizes that many adult learners have prior learning both formal and informal. They may wish to have this considered for the purposes of receiving awards and for access to, or exemptions from, programme requirements. To facilitate this Qualtec have implemented a process for providing RPL.


The purpose of this procedure is to recognize and facilitate Recognition of Prior Learning


Applicants requesting RPL for relevant previous learning


Head of Training & Quality


RPL Application Form


Learners are required to complete an RPL Application Form which requires details of any prior learning and return it along with supporting evidence, e.g., CV, Training Certificates.

The Head of Training and Quality will respond by email or phone to any queries that the learner might have.

The RPL Application will be reviewed by the Head of Training and Quality who will respond by email or phone to any queries that the learner might have.

The Head of Training and Quality will provide the learner with feedback on items received and options available to fulfil any outstanding requirements.

The Head of Training and Quality will assess extra items received and provide the learner with feedback to the applicant. The Head of Training and Quality will advise the applicant on whether they were successful or not.

If unsuccessful the applicant can appeal the decision through the Appeals Procedure. The learner may need to attend training days. The Head of Training and Quality will carry out any further face to face assessments required: for example, skills demonstration or written test. The Internal Verifier will verify that there is evidence available for all marks given. Final results will be emailed to learner, allowing them to appeal these results.





Appeals Policy & Procedure

Appeals Policy

It is Qualtec’ Policy that learners are assessed in a fair and credible manner.

Qualtec will facilitate learners appeal academic decisions and results in a timely and efficient manner.

Appeals Procedure


To facilitate learners to appeal academic decision & results.


All results decision for courses leading to Awards.


The Instructor is responsible for informing learners of their right to appeal a result and the process for doing so.

The Head of Training and Quality is responsible for process all Appeals.


Learner Handbook

Appeals Form


The right to Appeal and the process for doing so it detailed in the Learner Handbook which is available on the course website. This person booking the course is informed of this.

Learners are informed of their right to appeal academic decisions at the induction part of the course.

Students are informed of their result within two weeks of the course.

The learner can appeal directly to the trainer if not satisfied with the result given.

The trainer can review the assessment paperwork to ensure that the result reflects the assessment. If the trainer is satisfied with the result given the learner will be informed.

The learner may be given an opportunity to repeat the assessment by the trainer.

Any further appeals against results must be made in writing directly to Qualtec within two weeks of receiving results on an Appeals form.

The Head of Training & Quality will review the assessment evidence and will feedback to the learner within a week of the formal Appeal.

If the learner is not satisfied will the decision from the Head of Training & Quality, the assessment evidence will be assessed by an external assessor.

The learner will be informed within two weeks of the decision of the external assessor.

If still not satisfied, the Learner can opt to be assessed again by an agreed independent assessor.

The Head of Training & Quality will make the final decision on the learner result.

If the learner is not satisfied with this decision they may appeal directly to QQI/PHECC.


Complaints Policy & Procedure

Complaints Policy


Qualtec endeavor to provide a quality training and certification service through our Quality Management System. If our training or certification service falls below our customer’s expectation, we will facilitate the customer in making a customer complaint. We will take all complaints seriously and to ensure they are dealt with in a timely and effective manner.

Complaints Procedure


To ensure that all customer complaints are taken seriously and dealt with in a timely manner.



All complaints related to courses leading to Awards



It is the responsibility of the trainer to make the learner aware of the process to making a complaint and to inform the Head of Training & Quality of any complaints.



Customer Complaint form, emails



The Customer Complaints Procedure is detailed in the Learner Handbook.

Learners are made aware of the Customer Complaints process on the course induction.

Learners can complain immediately to the trainer on a course or on the evaluation form.

In many cases, customer complaints are dealt with informally by the trainer or Head of Training & Quality through email.

Official complaints must be submitted in writing by either email or post on the Customer Complaints Form.

The Head of Training & Quality will acknowledge receipt of the complaint within 24 hours.

The Head of Training & Quality will investigate the complaint. If the complaint relates to a faculty member, trainer or staff member he will communicate with this faculty member to get their version of the complaint.

The Head of Training & Quality will respond to the complainant by email within a week outlining the remedial steps to be taken.

The Head of Training & Quality will verify that this complaint has been addressed to the satisfaction of the complainant.

The Head of Training & Quality will copy the email to any other interested parties.

This will be copied to the Customer Complaints folder in Outlook and attached to the Customer file in Act.

The Head of Training & Quality will review complaints within a month to see if it has been dealt with to the satisfaction of the complainant.

If the complainant is not satisfied with the action taken or the complaint is about the Head of Training & Quality and they do not wish to deal with him, they can complain directly to PHECC/QQI.