Laura O’Toole

“Highly recommend, very friendly, make students feel at ease, pace is right, location is very handy and the content easy to follow.”

Paula Nugent, LMC Group

“Sean and Shane are very interesting presenters and easy to listen to. Both brought fun to the course. Conor has a great personality and during the practical exam made everyone feel at ease.”

Helena Morrisey

“Thank you Sean and Conor for an enjoyable 3 days and lots of skills learned.”

Nancy Poynton, Care About You

“I felt the instructors were brilliant in informing and delivering positive criticism. I felt at the end of the course that I was fully trained and confident in myself.”

Amy Monaghan, Glenhaven Foods

“I thought the course was really interesting. It was very interactive and everyone was able to get involved. I have no recommendations, I thought it was great.”