PHECC FAR CFR Instructor Recertification

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€200 euro

PHECC FAR CFR Instructor Re-certification

In order for FAR Instructors to recertify with Qualtec they will need to provide evidence of their current certification as well as evidence of delivery of at least four FAR courses in the last two years on the on the Course Delivery Record. Please send this by email along with your current certificate.

Instructors will be allocated a topic from the PHECC FAR course and will be required to prepare and present that topic in 15 minutes. Deliver the course assuming the others are new learners.

Your CFR and FAR Instructor skills will also be assessed on the afternoon of the assessment day.  You will also assess other students’ skills. Please have your FAR/CFR equipment and skills sheets ready.

Those wishing to refresh their CFR Instructor certification can request assessment on the assessment day. (It is 200 euro for both).