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Covid 19 Arrangements

Qualtec are closely following the advice given by the Government and our certifying bodies are are putting place contingencies to protect out staff and students.

Hand gels are available on all courses. Surfaces and equpment will be wiped and cleaned frequently. Mouth to mouth on mannequinns will not be permitted and student can opt out to breaths.

Those that have travelled to areas advised against by the Goverment are asked to not to attend courses. They can attend subsequent courses or get a refund.

This advice wll be updated as advise changes.



Back Injury Claim dismissed. Daunt V Dunnes Stores:High Court Cork, July 2017

A high Court Judge yesterday dismissed a claim by a supermarket worker that she hurt her back while handling boxes in a stockroom.

She alleged that she suffred the injury while handling boxes in a stock room overcrowded with stock and mannequinns. She alledged that the system of work was unsafe.

The HR Manager claimed that there had been no complaint at the time of the alledged accident.

Costs were awarded against the plaintiff.

Latest update from the HSA regarding transition form OFA to FAR

The HSA have now decided to extend their dual recognition of the  QQI Occupational First Aid certification and the PHECC First Aid Responder certification until 31st May 2018.


This is to allow PHECC complete their review of their FAR Standard. The following issues are under review:

  • the instructor to student ratio;
  • the duration of the course;
  • the duration of the refresher training.


WE will post a further update when PHECC revert to us on these matters.