PHECC First Aid Instructor Course

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PHECC First Aid Instructor CourseFirst Aid Instructor Course

First Aid Instructor Course aim:

The aim of this First Aid Instructor course is to provide you with the knowledge, skills and attitude to train others to be First Aid Responders.

First Aid Instructor Course Objectives:

At the end of this FAR Instructor course you will be able to:

  • Demonstrate competence with the prepared clinical course content, critiqued by the course director
  • Demonstrate competence in the use of the teaching and the audio-visual material provided and technical skills in the use of the product.
  • Demonstrate presentation skills using the specific course product
  • Apply the Conditions and Principles of Adult learning
  • Demonstrate appropriate class management skills adopting adult learning techniques.
  • Demonstrate appropriate assessment skills using the PHECC material and processes.
  • Demonstrate good verbal and non-verbal communication skills to effectively articulate the required information in an engaging and stimulating way.
  • Demonstrate a mature level of interpersonal skills to develop a good faculty/student/instructor rapport.
  • Demonstrate enthusiasm, motivation, empathy and commitment when presenting the material.
  • Demonstrate effective time management skills to ensure delivery of the entire learning package within course time constraints.
  • Demonstrate appropriate health, safety and welfare throughout the course and risk assessments for scenario work.
  • Ensure currency with all PHECC documentation, standards and examination processes.
  • Demonstrate assessment and evaluation in accordance with the course specific requirements of PHECC.
  • Design a FAR Course

First Aid Instructor Course Content:

Day 1
  • Psychology of training
  • Principles of Adult learning, Role of the Trainer, K, S & A of a Trainer
  • Adult learning styles
  • Lunch
  • Class management & Challenging learners
  • Lesson Planning
  • Break
  • Teaching Media & Methods
  • Preparing for a course, Housekeeping, H&S
  • Fear, Confidence
  • Communication skills
  • Building Rapport with learners
Day 2
  • Presentations
  • Assessment
  • Break
  • FAR Course & Protocol
  • Assessment & certification of learners
  • FAR Documentation & Records

First Aid Instructor Course Certification:

Prior to attending the PHECC First Aid Responder Instructor Course, you are required to have the following certification:


Delegates must have a reasonable level of english both Oral and written. This can be verified in advance of the course. In order to become certified as a PHECC FAR Instructor you must assist on two basic First Aid Responder courses before being finally assessed by Qualtec. Qualtec is a PHECC Recognised Institution. We will try to assist you with these. However it is the learners’ responsibility to try and organise these.

Course Assignments & Time Commitment 

Learners will need to complete a number of assignments.

Preparation for FAR Skill (s). A number of FAR skills will be assessed on day 2 of the course. You will need to practice your FAR and CFR skills in advance of being assessed. Allow 2 hours for this preparation.

Lesson Plan for allocated topic (template provided). Allow I hour for completion and due on the final day of the course.

Preparation of topic for 15 minute presentation.  Allow 2 hours for this preparation.

On your final assessment you will need your own equipment and a student to teach. You will present your module to your student(s), assess their FAR skill(s) and provide feedback.



Great group interaction on the FAR Instructor Course. Nicola McEvoy

Excellent (FAR Instructor) Course! Gary Wyse

Very good (FAR Instructor) Course. Jamie Bollard

All together excellent (FAR Instructor) Course. Margaret Dineen

Good practical (FAR Instructor) couse with good mixture of theory and practise. Paul Horsburgh

Super (FAR Instructor) Course. Caitlin Steel. ITW Sport

Great (FAR Instructor)Course. Very enjoyable and informative. Padraic Nee. Aer Arran

Excellent and dedicated instructor. Sharon Murphy

Overall a great (FAR Instructor) Course which gave me the knowledge and skills t present a FAR course with confidence.

The (FAR Instructor) course was concise and too the point. Eugene Nolan

Everything well covered. Michael Kavanagh